How Celebrities transform Chinese Culture by Dressing?


Does it mean dressing ‘cheongsam’ is the only choice for 

Met Gala 2015?

The Met Gala 2015 was held view days ago. As a name of ‘Oscar of fashion’, no doubt that every celebrities tried their best to dress up at that night. Unfortunately, this year is China-themed: Through the Looking Glass, that means, as a major in Chinese Literature student, their dressing would be ridiculous sometimes. 

I did not follow Met Gala every year. If it does not concern about Chinese culture this year, I would not notice it, not to mention looking closely to everyone on this red carpet event. Since I was looking carefully on those photos, I found it is interesting that how they see Chinese culture and how they transform it in dress.  Most of celebrities are not Chinese, so do designers of their dress, which is the reason that I could tell their impression of Chinese culture. 

Now we are talking about a themed event, so the understand of the theme and how to express it is the most important. The theme is ‘Looking through Glass’, and it is the basis that the expression must related to such theme, which is what it look like looking through glass. I supposed even though some of the glass is clean enough that everything is clear through it, mostly, everything looked through glass is hazy and obscure. Moreover, if we look closely to the meaning of the theme in Mandarin, which is 鏡花水月. There are deeper meanings. If we translate this directly, it describes the flower in a mirror, or the moon in the water. As an idiom, it is metaphor to express something is too beautiful or dreamy to be true. Based on this meaning deeply, I have chosen a few looks that I thought expressing well.


The best is Helen Mirren wore Dolce & Gabbana dress. First of all, red is always related to Chinese culture, especially in this cut of dress. According to the basis I have mentioned above, it met the standard definitely. Furthermore, the design of this dress is beautiful and elegant in paper-cutting art. In terms of paper-cutting, it is normal for traditional Chinese people using paper-cutting art to decorate their mirror or window. Being beautiful is the second part of the theme. The most important reason I chose her as the best dress is it is Helen Mirren wore it. In this photo, I can see ages on her does not remind me the old, but the beauty and the wisdom. Apparently, she is too beautiful to be true, so she deserved the  best dress that night.  

The following is Rachel Weisz in Chanel Couture. This dress is also beautiful that it looks like reflections of light on water wave. The only reason I did not choose her as the best is it met all the standard but there is no aging and wisdom in this photo. After all, aging in life is the most beautiful experience that people could not capture. And that is the true meaning of ‘looking through glass’. 



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