Royal Ascot 2015

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Royal Ascot

Being in London or UK, there are always a lot of events to get involve in. In the earlier this year, my friend recommended me Royal Ascot. ‘My Russian friend asked me to join this event to show those exaggerating clothes and fascinators that she loves but seldom wears’, she said. After this conversation, I have added this website immediately to my bookmark and traced it if tickets are available. So, what is Royal Ascot though?

Based on the introduction of Royal Ascot, it is a most famous and valuable race event. As a race activity, it is about the prize, more than £5.5 million money! There are eighteen groups attended, even  including the Queen’s horse! She has attended every Royal Meeting during her reign and Royal Procession and their attending are always an iconic moment to herald the start of every raceday.

On the other hand, socialising and ‘runway’ are another icon in these five days. Although the dress code is differ from different ticket prices, anticipants enjoy dress up and attract audiences’ attention. There are three types of tickets: Silver Ring, Grandstand Admission, Royal Enclosure. Each price is different from days. Normally Silver Ring is between £27-35, Grandstand Admission is between £67-78. Since Royal Enclosure is limited to members of Ascot, I do not know the price for it. Dress code is different, too. Similarly, the dress code for Silver Ring is general, but no sports shirt. For Grandstand, ladies should wear a hat, headpiece, or fascinator; a dress in manner (which means no strapless or sheer strap), or a trouser with full length and with a top that adheres to the guidelines above. Gentlemen are require to wear a suit with a shirt and tie. As for Royal Enclosure, it is too complicated and detailed to notify. (check here) Each year, the meeting is broadcast on news and social media around the world.

2015 Royal Ascot Fashion

(Some of photos from Ascot Racecourse )

1. Attention-attracted

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2. Attention-attracted (in a good way)


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