DIY a Ladder Shoe Shelf


A shoe shelf where you can display all your beloved shoes. What a dream for shoe-shopaholic! However, the function of a shoe shelf is what most stores and online websites emphasise. It is sad that those beautiful shoes cannot be displayed but be squeezed in separated spaces.


In order to make my dream come true, I have searched for shoe shelf online for a while. For example,  google photo and Pinterest provide a lot of beautiful photos of shoe shelf. Finally, I found this:


I love it! It seems easy to make. Just use a wooden ladder as tripod, and put several boards, done. To be sure of the method, I uploaded this photo on Google Photo to find the origin, and found the blog, a pair & a spare. This is the method:

Step 1: Find a wooden ladder


Step 2: Find several boards

I bought these boards from here. They offer cutting for free.

The size for each board is 33×70、37×95、42×120、46×140、50×165(cm).


Step 3: Build up and put your beautiful shoes. Done.




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